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Saturday Appointments

  • Dear Friends and Colleagues. Saturday's appointments are popular and most often requested. Unfortunately some patients' requests had to be turned down because the clinic is fully booked.
  • To help better serve you, I would appreciate if you could please call to cancel or change the appointment if you cannot make it on your appointment timeslot, so that patients who need timeslots on Saturdays are not deprived of the opportunity. Thank you.

Free Valet Parking @ TMC

  • There is no extra charge for valet parking (except if the car is parked at Whitley Rd carpark). Just drop your car off and let the helpful valets do the parking. This reduces waiting time and the hassle of looking for a carpark yourself. If the car is parked at Whitley Road URA Carpark when there is exceptional traffic, a $1 valet service charge will apply. But at 50 cents per half hour, it is still cheaper.

Free Shuttle Bus From Velocity/ Novena Square

  • Now you can avoid the carpark jam by using the complimentary shuttle bus service to and from Velocity/ Novena Square which runs every 1/2 hourly. Click HERE for latest updates on shuttle bus services.

Finding My Clinic

  • It is easier to find my clinic if you locate the Taxi stand instead of looking for signs and directives. The entrance to my clinic is just beside the taxi stand.

Bring Along Your Thumb Drive For Ultrasound Pictures

  • The ultrasound pictures of your baby can be downloaded via USB port. Just bring along your own thumb drive and I can down load the photos and even videos of your baby to your thumb drive. These pictures and videos are digitally captured and would not fade with time. It is also a "green move" and help save our environment when you reduce printouts, hence cutting down the use of paper / ink, and reduce your carbon footprint on our ailing earth. You also save money because extra prints are charged at $5 each.

Hospital Tours

  • There are 2 hospital tours everyday at 11am and 2pm during weekdays. So if you wish to look around the hospital, plan your appointment so that you can either do the tour before or after the clinic appointment.
  • Click Here for more information.